Sunday, February 3, 2013

I used to write. Most of what I wrote was crap, but at least I was putting pen to paper, or keystroke to computer screen as it were. As I look back over the archives, certain bits jump out at me more than others. Sometimes they even surprise me. For years I've thought I should start another blog, but every time I felt motivated enough to do so, that little voice would creep in and say things like, "What have you got to say that's so important?' or 'Haven't you got more important things to do?' There are things--big things--I didn't write about that I should have, things I started writing about but never finished (the memories of which are being lost to time). Recently, however, the need for an outlet has become even more urgent and persistent. I've had a lot of encouragement from people over the years, and still I haven't done a thing. It's time. The world may not need this, but I do. So here it is. I don't expect there to be any real structure to it. Just a place I can come to when I need to rant, rave, or just plain ramble (warning: I'm really good at that).

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