Saturday, April 12, 2014

Because hubby used to bartend, he can be a bit of a 'social butterfly' when he's had a few to drink. As a result, I tend to be left to my own devices a lot when we're out on the town. It's not so bad if we're surrounded by people we know. But when I don't know anybody, I tend to keep quiet and withdraw into myself to avoid talking to people. Last night was one of those nights, and as I was sitting there quietly sipping the watered-down remains of a drink I'd been working on for the last hour and a half, I noticed a girl looking at me from the other end of the bar. Every time I looked up, I'd catch her looking. Eventually, the group she was with got up to leave. I watched them make their way over to me, and everyone passed me by, except her. She stopped next to me, touched my arm and said, 'I hope you have a good night. I've watched you sit by yourself all night, and I'm irritated.' And with that, she was gone. It was the first time since I underwent chemo that a complete stranger had expressed concern about me.

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