Thursday, April 17, 2014

Got a random text yesterday from a number I thought I recognized, but had blocked over a year ago due to unwanted drama. I blocked them on Twitter yesterday morning after realizing it was the one place we were still connected. Shortly after doing so, I got the text that read, 'Yes, I'm that fast.' I assumed they'd noticed I'd blocked them and had decided to send a snarky response. I spent the better part of my workday 1) wondering how the text got through seeing as though I'd blocked them from contacting my number (the only thing I could think of was that they'd gotten a new number and had my phone number on file somewhere), and 2) thinking of a reply to the effect of, 'Don't turn this around on me. This was not my choice.' When I left work, I was just about to send my reply when I saw another message: 'Sorry wrong number.' Part of me wonders if it was the wrong number, or if said individual was just trying to take back the comment they'd made.

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