Monday, May 5, 2014

Anything that's too good to be true, right? I talked about how I had weekends off most of the time. Not the case anymore. When I took more hours at this job, we agreed I'd work an occasional Saturday, but that I'd have Sundays off. And I could handle that. In the beginning, whenever they needed me to work anything other than my regularly scheduled hours, they'd ask me ahead of time to make sure I was available. It was a good working relationship. Now they've started writing me in on my days off without asking me, and that's not sitting very well with me. They're starting to make up the schedule further ahead of time, which is fine, but now they're leaving it up to us to work out the kinks. I'm sorry, but unless someone's asked me to work anything other than my regularly scheduled hours, I have no reason to even look at the written schedule. That's not the only issue, though. The raise (not a huge one, but something) that was promised when I took more hours went into effect recently, and it's been nice having a little extra money. However, I learned the other day that my hours will be shortened starting next month. I did the math; it's basically going to be like the raise never happened. Also, I'll be working two 3-hour days in a row as a result. What the hell's the point? I love how they made it sound like it'll be a good thing: 'You'll get to leave early on Fridays!' Great. What if I don't want to leave early on Fridays? It would've been nice if someone had asked me how I felt about it before making my decision for me. Fuck off.

I sat down with my boss for a half-an-hour the other day and voiced my concerns, and while she made it seem like she understood where I was coming from, her responses said otherwise. She kept shirking the issue and siding with her manager who does the scheduling. I get that 'retail isn't a 9 to 5 industry,' but when she tried to tell me that nothing's ever set in stone when it comes to retail, I almost blurted out, 'So any agreements we've made pretty much count for nothing?'

What really ticked me off is when she said, 'Don't let this stress you out, okay? It's not worth it.' What I heard instead was, 'You're overreacting. Your feelings don't matter.' Because it doesn't bother her, she thinks it shouldn't bother me. I can't stand how self-important some people are.

Anyway, this whole situation has been making me feel physically ill for the last week. And I don't see it improving. Time to get serious about finding another job--one that won't screw me over.

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